The WPtouch Mobile Theme

WPtouch recognizes a range of smartphones and touch devices, including Apple
products (that’s the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), devices running the Google
Android operating system, BlackBerry devices, and even old-school Palm gadgets.
When one of these devices hits up your site, WPtouch steps in and displays your
content using its slick mobile theme. It doesn’t matter whether your original site
theme is mobile-aware or not. WPtouch bypasses it completely.

The WPtouch mobile theme  departs from the average WordPress
theme in several important ways:

WPtouch ignores widgets when it creates a mobile version of your site.
This is quite different from the mobile version of the year themes, like Twenty
Twelve. They retain all your widgets but place them before or after the main
content. This ensures that the mobile view doesn’t sacrifice anything important
from the desktop site, but it also creates a long and somewhat unwieldy page.

WPtouch doesn’t display any content in post listings. Instead, it simply shows
the title, date, and number of comments for each post. Mobile surfers need to
tap a title to read the post. Once again, this differs from the year themes like
Twenty Twelve, which list all the content and force mobile readers to scroll the
day away. (Incidentally, you can tweak the way WPtouch shows posts using
post excerpts.)

WPtouch doesn’t load all your posts at once. Instead, the page ends with a
Load More Entries link. Click it, and the page fetches a new batch of posts and
adds them to the bottom of the page. The page uses clever JavaScript code to
stuff in just the new content without refreshing the whole page

The WPtouch Mobile Theme