Being in Two Places at Once

One potential problem with the dashboard is that it lets you
view only one page at a time. This limitation can become
awkward in some situations. For example, imagine you’re in
the middle of creating a post when you decide you want to
review a setting somewhere else in the dashboard. You could
save the post as a draft, jump to the settings page, and then
return to continue with your post. And, for many people, this
approach works just fine. But if you’re the sort of power user
who’s comfortable with browser shortcuts, there’s another
approach that may appeal: opening more than one browser
page at a time, with each positioned on a different part of
the dashboard.
It all works through the magic of the Ctrl-click—a nifty browser
trick where you hold down the Ctrl key (Command on a Mac)
while clicking a link. In modern browsers, this causes the target
of the link to open in a new tab. This trick doesn’t work with
all websites, particularly those that use JavaScript routines in
the place of ordinary links. But in the WordPress dashboard,
it flows without a hitch.
For example, imagine you’re at the Add New Post page and
you want to review your post display settings. To open the settings
page in a new tab, hover over Settings in the dashboard
menu and Ctrl-click the Reading link. Keep in mind, however,
that if you change something in one tab that affects another,
you might not see the results of your change right away. For
example, if you add a category on the Categories page while
the Add New Post page is open, you won’t see it in the Add
New Post page unless you refresh the page. (But don’t forget
to click Save Draft first if you want to keep your post!)

Being in Two Places at Once