Adding a Category Description

The first and easiest change you can make to the category page template is adding
a category description. Many themes, including PinBlack, automatically display the
category description on the category page. You don’t even need to edit your theme.
When you first create a category, it doesn’t have a description, but you can easily
add one to the category record. Start by choosing Posts→Categories to see a list
of all your categories, and then click the Edit link under the category you want to
edit. Then type the category description in the Description box.
TIP Although the Description box doesn’t give you the editing conveniences you get when editing a post or
a page, you can still type in any HTML you want. For example you can insert <img> elements that show pictures,
<a> elements that create links, and formatted <div> elements that use classes from the style.css file.

Adding a Category Description

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