Updating a Child Theme

What happens when I update a theme that uses customized
Child templates don’t work in exactly the same as child styles.
Child styles extend style rules already put in place by the parent
theme. Even if the parent gets a new, updated style.css file,
the child styles remain, and WordPress applies them on top
of the parent styles.
But page templates don’t extend parent templates, they replace
them. As soon as you add footer.php to your child theme,
WordPress starts ignoring the footer.php in the original theme.
That means that if you update the parent theme and change
the original footer.php file, no one really notices.
This is probably the safest way to handle theme updates,
because there really isn’t a way that WordPress could combine
two versions of a template. However, it means that if you
plan to customize all the templates in a theme, you probably
shouldn’t create a child theme. Instead, you may as well build
a completely separate theme of your own.

Updating a Child Theme

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