WordPress Site Statistics

Once you have some solid promotion tactics in place, you need to evaluate how well
they perform. There’s no point in pursuing a failed strategy for months, when you
should be investing more effort in a technique that actually works. The best way
to assess your site’s performance, and see how it changes over time, is to collect
website statistics.
There are a number of popular statistics packages that work with WordPress, and
a range of plug-ins that automatically add tracking code to your site. In this section,
you’ll focus on WordPress’s own statistics-collection service, which it offers
to all WordPress.com sites and which is available to self-hosted sites through the
Jetpack plug-in.

Viewing Your Statistics

The best place to view your site statistics is on the WordPress.com home page. Go
to http://wordpress.com, log in, and click the Stats tab. If you have more than one
site, you need to pick from the drop-down list in the top-right corner (Figure 12-22).

NOTE Jetpack users can see the same statistics by choosing Jetpack→Site Stats in the dashboard. However,
WordPress encourages everyone to view statistics on the WordPress.com home page, and it may remove the
statistics link from the dashboard in the future.

The obvious question is now that you have all this raw data, what can you do with
it? Ideally, you’ll use site statistics to focus on your strengths, improve your site, and
keep your visitors happy. You should resist the temptation to use it as a source of
endlessly fascinating trivia. If you spend the afternoon counting how many visitors
hit your site from Bulgaria, you’re wasting time that could be better spent writing
brilliant content.

WordPress Site Statistics

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