Strategy 3. Play Well with Search Engines

In any given minute, Google handles well over a million search queries. If you’re
lucky, a tiny slice of those searchers will end up at your site.
Webmasters pay special attention to visitors who arrive through search engines.
Usually, these are new people who haven’t read your content before, which makes
them exactly the sort of people you need to attract. But it’s not enough to know that
visitors arrive through a search engine. You need to understand what brought them
to your site, and to understand that, you need to know what they were searching for.
The Search Engine Terms box can help you find out (Figure 12-25). It lists the top
queries that led visitors to your site for a single day (or, if you click Summaries, over
a longer period of time).

If you use SEO to find what you think are the best keywords for tags, titles, and
descriptions (see, for example, page 443), the Search Engine Terms box helps you
determine if your efforts are paying off. And even if you don’t, it gives you insight
into hot topics that attract new readers—and which you might want to focus on in
the future.

Strategy 3. Play Well with Search Engines

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