Getting More Links

The cornerstone of search-engine ranking is links—the more
people connect to you, the greater your web prestige and the
more trustworthy your site seems to Google. Here are some
tips any WordPresser can use to build up her links:
• Look for sites that are receptive to your content. To get
more links, you need to reach out and interact with other
websites. Offer to guest-blog on a like-minded site, join a
community group, or sign up with free website directories
that include your type of business. Or, if your site has a
broader reach, search for your topic in Google Blogsearch
( to find similar sites.
• Keep sharing. The social sharing techniques you learned
about in the first part of this chapter are doubly important
for PageRank. Although tweets and Likes aren’t as
powerful as website links, Google still counts them in your
favor when respected people talk about your content on
social media sites.
• Add off-site links (that point to you). You don’t need to
wait for other people to notice your content. It’s perfectly
acceptable to post a good comment on someone else’s
blog, with a link that references something you wrote.
Or post in a forum, making sure your signature includes
your name and a link to your site. The trick is to find sites
and forums that share the same interests as your site. For
example, if you’re an artisanal cheese maker in Chicago,
it makes sense to chat with people running organic food
cooperatives. But be careful. There’s a thin line between
spreading the word about your fantastic content and
spamming other people. So don’t post on a forum or
someone else’s site unless you can say something truly
insightful or genuinely helpful. If you’re not sure whether
to post, ask yourself this question: “If this were my site,
would I appreciate this comment?”
• Research your competitors’ links. If you find out where
other people are getting their links from, you may be able
to get links from the same sites. Google has a nifty feature
that can help, called link. To try it out, go to the Google
search page and type in a full website address, with link:
in front of it. Google will then find other pages that lead to
the web address you asked about. For example, searching
for shows you all the sites
that link to the home page on

Getting More Links

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