Getting Customized Feeds

Adding /feed to the end of a site address gets you the standard feed, the one with
all the site’s posts. But you can filter a feed if you tweak the web address slightly.
For example, you can get a feed that provides all the posts in a specific category,
like this:

Or all the posts with a certain tag:
Or all the posts by a specific author:
But the most interesting type of feed just might be the one that grabs the comments
from a post (on crystal jasmine tea in this example):
Or the comments from your entire site:
Try plugging all these variations into a feed reader to see what posts show up. Or
check out the WordPress feed documentation at to
learn about a few more exotic feed filters, such as the ones that exclude a specific
category or tag, and those that return all the posts that match a search keyword.

Getting Customized Feeds

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