Browsing an Author’s Posts

Once you’ve added a few authors to your site and figured out a way for them to
work without stepping on each other’s toes, it’s worth thinking about what your
multi-authored site looks like to visitors. How can they browse the work of specific
authors, or find out more about the writers they like best?
The first issue—reading the work of a specific author—is the easiest to resolve. Just
as you can view all the posts in a particular category or all the posts that have the
same tag, so you can browse all the posts by a specific author. The easiest way to
do that is to click the author’s name, which appears just before or after the post
content, depending on the theme (Figure 11-14).
NOTE The name WordPress uses to sign posts is the author’s display name, which might be the person’s
WordPress user name (the standard setting), her full first and last name, or a nickname. Users can configure their
display names by editing their profile settings (Users→My Profile)..

WordPress uses special web addresses to make it easy to browse posts by author.
For example, if you click lisachang, WordPress adds /author/lisachang to the end
of the site address, like this:
This is essentially the same way that category web addresses work.

Now that you know how to get the posts for a specific author, you can make it easier
for visitors to get them as well. For example, you could create a menu that has a link
for each author, and then display that menu in the main navigation area of your site
(Figure 11-15), or in a sidebar, with the help of the Custom Menu widget


More Ways to Browse Authors

The custom menu approach gives you a great way to create
author post links. But if you’re building a self-hosted site,
you may want to check out one of the many author-browsing
plug-ins, which give you more display options and may save
a bit of effort.
The Authors Widget ( is a
basic but effective example. It offers two display options. The
first is a list that’s not much different from what you get with
the Custom Menu widget, just slightly more convenient, and
it gives you the option to show the post count next to each
author’s name. The second display setting is an author cloud
that works like the Tag Cloud widget (page 165), creating a
jumbled mass of author links, with the most prolific authors’
names the biggest.
The Author Avatars List plug-in (
is one of many author-browsing widgets that use avatars, the tiny
headshots that you can pair up with any email account (page 263).
As with the more pedestrian author list, you can click an author
headshot to start browsing the author’s posts.

Browsing an Author’s Posts

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