Adding Author Information

Ordinarily, WordPress keeps author information to a minimum. Even though it stores
a few key details in each user’s profile—including a basic “Biographical info” box—
none of these details show up in a post. All your readers see is the author’s name.
In some cases, you might prefer to showcase your author. For example, you might
want to add a more detailed byline or include a brief bio that highlights the author’s
achievements. The low-tech solution is to add this information to the bottom of
the post (consider setting it in italics to make it stand apart from the rest of the
content). But if you run a self-hosted site, this is one more challenge you can tackle
with the right plug-in.
The WordPress plug-in repository is overflowing with author info widgets and bio
boxes. One decent starting point is the WP About Author plug-in (http://tinyurl.
com/wp-about-author), which automatically adds an author box to the bottom of
every post. It also adds several new text boxes to every user’s profile, where authors
can enter links to sites where they have public pages (like Facebook, Twitter, and
Pinterest). The author’s bio will then include these links.

Another good author footer plug-in is the Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup
( It uses a slightly smaller version of the author picture,
fewer links, and a neato two-tab view that lets you see the author’s recent posts
without leaving the current page.

Alternatively, you can use one of several plug-ins that puts author information into
a widget. That way, you can take the author details out of a post and tuck them into
a sidebar. One such plug-in is Author Spotlight ( Of
course, this idea works only if your theme includes a sidebar in its single-post view.
Most themes do, but the older Twenty Eleven theme limits its sidebar to the main
post list, so author box widgets aren’t much use.
Finally, some themes include a ready-made author information page that you can
drop into your site. Twenty Fourteen is an example—it includes a contributor page
that shows information for every author.

Adding Author Information

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