Adding a Site to Your Network

To add a site, you need to enter network administration mode. This is a step that only
you, the network administrator, can take. Other administrators on your network will
be able to manage their own sites, but they won’t be able to change the network
settings—or even look at them.
NOTE In WordPress parlance, a network administrator (also known as a super admin) is the person who
manages a multisite network and has full power over all the sites inside. A site administrator oversees a single
site—the site you create for him.
To start managing the network, point to the My Sites menu, which sits to the right
of the navigation bar (that’s the black bar that stretches across the top of the page).
Then click Network Admin.

In network administration mode, the dashboard changes. Because you’re no longer
managing a specific site, the Posts, Pages, Comments, Links, and Media menus all
disappear. In their place is a smaller set of commands for managing sites, users,
themes, plug-ins, network settings, and updates.
TIP You can go straight to the network administration page by adding /wp-admin/network to the end of
your home site address, as in
Once in network administration mode, you can create a new site.


Letting People Create Their Own Sites

Ordinarily, it’s up to you to create every site in a multisite
network. WordPress helps you out by automatically creating
an account for the new administrator, so you can create a site
in one step instead of two. But if you have dozens or even
hundreds of users who want sites, manually creating each
one is tedious. WordPress gives you another option—you can
choose to let people create their own sites.
This isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds. As long as you don’t
let people create their own accounts, WordPress allows only
registered users to start site-building. If you’re crafty, you can
use a WordPress plug-in like Add Multiple Users (http://tinyurl.
com/add-multiple) to create accounts automatically, based on
a list of email addresses in a text file or spreadsheet. Then you
can let people build the sites they need on their own. (There’s
no restriction on the number of sites, so if someone can create
one, she can also create 12. If you notice a power-drunk author
creating too many sites, you need to step in, delete some, and
send the miscreant a stern email.)
To allow people to create their own sites, choose Settings→
Network Settings in the network administration dashboard.
Then, next to “Allow new registrations,” choose “Logged in
users may register new sites.” Make sure “Send the network
admin an email notification every time someone registers a
site or user account” is also turned on so WordPress notifies
you about newly created sites. Finally, click Save Changes at
the bottom of the page.
New users might not realize that they’re allowed to create sites.
WordPress won’t tell them unless they ask for the sign-up page,
by requesting wp-signup.php in the root site (as in http:// Figure 11-27 shows the page.

Adding a Site to Your Network

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