Showing Videos from Other Video Services

Although YouTube is the most popular video service, it’s not the only game in town.
Happily, WordPress’s auto-embed feature lets you play video from a range of other
media sites, including:

• Hulu
• Dailymotion
• Vimeo
• Viddler
• Funny or Die
• Qik
• Flickr (for videos as well as pictures)
• Revision3
As with YouTube, you simply supply a web address that points to a video on one of
these sites, and WordPress does the rest.
Additionally, if you use or you installed Jetpack, you can use the
following shortcodes to embed even more types of video:
• [cnnmoney-video] for videos from CNNMoney
• for videos from Kickstarter
for TED Talks videos
for videos from
for videos from Ustream.TV
• for a Vine video
• [videolog] for videos from
for a video from The Internet Archive
The list of eligible sites is ever-growing, so don’t be surprised to find additional
services listed when you check WordPress’s official list of auto-embeds (http:// and shortcodes (
When you embed video, WordPress configures the size of the playback window to
suit the content and to fit in your post area. However, in some situations, you might
want to tweak the size to get it just right. If you use one of the video types from the
first list, you can control the size of the video player by wrapping your URL in the
shortcode and then adding the height and width attributes. If you use one of
the more specialized shortcodes in the second list, you probably need to add similar
height and width attributes to that shortcode. Here’s where things get a bit tricky,
because many shortcodes have similar but maddeningly different syntax. To see
exactly how to format a specific shortcode, check out the WordPress documentation
at, and click the Full Instructions link next
to the shortcode you plan to use.

Showing Videos from Other Video Services

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