Using Akismet

Akismet integrates so seamlessly into WordPress’s comment system that you might
not even realize it’s there. It takes over the comments list, automatically moving
suspicious comments to the spam folder and publishing everything else.
To give Akismet a very simple test, sign out of your site, and then try adding a few
comments. If you enter ordinary text, the comment should sail through without a
hiccup. But type in something like “Viagra! Cialis!!” and Akismet will quietly dispose
of your comment.
Just because you disabled moderation and started using Akismet doesn’t mean your
comment-reviewing days are over. Once your site is up and running with Akismet,
you should start making regular trips to the Comments section of the dashboard.
Only now, instead of reviewing pending comments that haven’t been published, you
should click the Spam link and check for any valid comments that were accidentally
removed. If you find one, point to it and click the Not Spam link. If you find several,
you can restore them all with a bulk action—first, turn on the checkboxes next to
the comments, pick Not Spam from the Bulk Actions list, and then click Apply. You’ll
soon get a feeling for how often you need to check for stray messages.

Using Akismet

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