The Ongoing Conversation

You’ve now seen how a single, lonely comment finds its way onto a WordPress post
or page. On a healthy site, this small step is just the start of a long conversation. As
readers stop by, more and more will add their own thoughts. And before long, some
people will stop replying to your content and start replying to each other.

WordPress keeps track of all this in its comment stream, which is similar to the
stream of posts that occupies your site’s home page. WordPress sandwiches the
comment stream between your content (the text of your post or page), which sits
at the top, and the “Leave a Reply” box, which sits at the bottom. Unlike the post
stream, the comment stream starts with older comments, followed by newer ones.
This arrangement makes it easy to follow an unfolding conversation, where new
comments refer to earlier ones.

TIP If you have lots of comments and want to emphasize the newest ones, you can flip the order, so that
the newest comments appear first. Choose Settings→Discussion, find the setting that says “Comments should
be displayed with the older comments at the top of each page,” and pick “newer” instead of “older.”

The Ongoing Conversation

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