Paged Comments

WordPress provides a comment-organizing feature called paging that divides masses
of comments into separate pages. The advantage is that you split awkwardly long
discussions into more manageable (and readable) chunks. The disadvantage is that
readers need to click more links to follow a long discussion.
To use pages, choose Settings→Discussion and then turn on the checkbox next to
“Break comments into pages.” You can type in the number of comments you want
included on each page (the factory setting is 50).
You can also choose the page that readers begin on—the standard setting is “last,”
which means that new readers will start on the last page of comments first, seeing
the most recent chunk of the conversation before they see older exchanges. But
the overall effect is a bit weird, because the very latest comment appears at the
bottom of the first page. What you probably want is the latest comment to appear
at the top of that page. To get this effect—paged comments, with the most recent
comment at the top of the list on the first page—change “last” to “first” (so the setting
says “and the first page displayed by default”) and change “older” to “newer”
(so the setting says “Comments should be displayed with the newer comments at
the top of each page”).

Paged Comments

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