Moderating Comments for a Specific Post

The Comments page is the only place where you can see all the comments on your
site in one list. But the Comments page isn’t always the most convenient place to
review comments, particularly if you have hundreds to look through.
WordPress gives you another option: You can review just the comments that relate
to a specific post. To do that, edit the post and scroll down to the Comments box
at the bottom of the Edit Post page. There, WordPress displays a list of the post’s
comments, along with links that let you approve, trash, or edit each one.
Lastly, if you’re logged in to your site, you can deal with comments without even
skipping back to the dashboard. When you read the comments section after a post,
you’ll see an edit link next to each comment (Figure 8-7). Click that, and you’ll get
the chance to modify or remove that comment. This approach takes a few more
clicks, and it works only on comments you’ve already approved. (Comments you
haven’t approved don’t show up on the post page.) However, if you use automatic
post approval with a spam plug-in, as you’ll learn to do on page 275, this is a quick
way to deal with the errant bit of spam you find slipping through your filters.

Moderating Comments for a Specific Post

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