Leaving a Comment

Here’s what WordPress does with the information it gets from commenters:
• Name. It displays the commenter’s name prominently above her comment,
thereby identifying her to other readers.
• Email address. WordPress doesn’t display this publicly, so commenters don’t
need to worry about spam. In fact, WordPress won’t stop visitors from inventing
imaginary email addresses (although it will prevent them from typing in gibberish
that obviously doesn’t make sense). WordPress won’t even send would-be
commenters one of those pesky “Confirm this is your address” email messages.
However, email addresses are important if you want to display a tiny picture of
each commenter next to each comment (see page 263 for details).
• Comment text. This is the meat of the comment (Figure 8-2).
• Website. If your commenter includes this detail, WordPress turns the commenter’s
name, which appears above posts, into a link. Other readers can click
it to travel to the commenter’s site.
To see how comments work, try typing in one of your own. First, make sure you aren’t
logged in as the administrator (if you are, you’ll bypass the moderation process described
below, because WordPress figures you’ll always allow your own comments).
Assuming you’re logged out and you see the text boxes type
in a comment and then click Post Comment.

Now, WordPress plays a slight trick on you. When you submit a comment, WordPress
immediately adds it below your post (Figure 8-3), making it look as though your
comment has been published. But in reality, when you use the slow-lane commenting
route, no one can see the comment until the site owner (that’s you) reviews it
and formally approves it. This process is called moderation.

Leaving a Comment

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