Creating a Sticky Post

As you know, WordPress orders posts by date on the home page, with the most
recent post occupying the top spot. But you might create an important post that
you want to feature at the top of the list, regardless of its date. For example, you
might write up a bulletin that announces that your business is temporarily closing for renovations, or answers frequently asked questions (“No, there are no more seatings  available for this Sunday’s Lobster Fest”). To keep your post at the top of the list so it can catch your readers’ eyes, you need to turn it into a sticky post.

WordPress displays all your sticky posts before all your normal posts. If you have more than one sticky post, it lists the most recent one first.
You can designate a post as sticky when you first write it (on the Add New Post page)
or when you edit it later (on the Edit Post page). Either way, you use the Publish
box. Next to the label “Visibility: Public,” click Edit. A few more options will drop
into view (including the private post options you’ll explore on page 395). To make
your post sticky, turn on the checkbox next to “Stick this post to the front page,”
and then click Publish or Update to confirm your changes.
The only caveat with sticky posts is that they stay sticky forever—or until you “unstick”
them. The quickest way to do that is to choose Posts→All Posts, find the sticky post
in the list, and then click the Quick Edit link underneath it. Turn off the “Make this
post sticky” checkbox and then click Update.

Creating a Sticky Post

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