Author Comments

Don’t forget to add your voice to the discussion. Authors who
never take the time to directly engage their readers lose their
readers’ interest—quickly.
Of course, it’s also possible to have too much of a good thing,
and authors who reply to every comment will seem desperate
(at best) or intrusive (at worst). They’ll suffocate a conversation
like a micro-managing boss. The best guideline is to step in
periodically, answering obvious questions and giving credit to
good feedback (while ignoring or deleting the obvious junk).
Do that, and your readers will see that your comments section
is well cared for. They’ll know that you read your feedback, and
they’ll be more likely to join in.
WordPress makes site owners’ comments stick out from those
of the riffraff so your readers can easily spot your contributions.
The way it does so depends on the theme, but most change
the background color behind your comment. If you run a selfhosted
blog, or if you bought the Custom Design upgrade for
your site, you can make your replies even
more obvious. The trick is to tweak the formatting that the
bypostauthor style applies. Page 479 explains how.

Author Comments

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