Akismet Alternatives

I need a spam-catching tool, but I don’t want Akismet. Are
there other options?
If you run a self-hosted WordPress site, there’s no shortage
of spam-fighting plug-ins. Unlike Akismet, many are free for
almost everyone. (Some plug-in developers collect donations,
charge for only the highest-traffic sites, or make extra money
charging support fees to big companies. Others do it simply
for the prestige.)
Two caveats apply. First, if you plan to use Jetpack’s social
commenting feature (page 270), which lets visitors comment
using their Facebook and Twitter identities, your options are
limited. Currently, Akismet is the only spam fighter that works
with these identities.
Second, it’s impossible to know which anti-spam tool is the best
for your site—you need to try them out yourself. Anti-spam
developers and spammers are locked in an ever-escalating
arms race. The spam blocker that works perfectly this week
might falter the next week when clever spammers work around
its detection rules.
Three good Akismet alternatives include:
• Anti-spam (http://tinyurl.com/wp-anti-spam)
• Antispam Bee (http://antispambee.com)
• AVH First Defense Against Spam (http://tinyurl.com/

Akismet Alternatives

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