Showing Pages in the Pages Widget

The Pages widget displays a simple list of links (Figure 7-5). Like any other widget,
you can place it anywhere on your home page, such as in a sidebar. Choose
Appearance→Widgets and then drag the widget where you want it.

Use the Exclude Box Sparingly

It might occur to you that you could add several Pages widgets
to different parts of your home page, each of which shows a
different subset of pages. That’s an interesting idea, but a bad
one, because of the way the exclusion list works.
If you use the Pages widget to create three page lists, for example,
every time you add a new page that you want to leave
off the lists, you need to add the page to the exclusion list of
each menu. That extra work can cause a serious headache. To
avoid this, use the Pages widget only when you want to show
most or all of your pages. If you want to show a smaller group
of just a few pages, create a custom menu and show it with the
Custom Menu widget.

The Pages widget also lets you sort your list of pages. You set the sort order using
the drop-down list in the “Sort by” box. Ordinarily, the order is “Page title,” which
means that WordPress organizes your pages alphabetically by title. Alternatively, you
can choose “Page ID,” and WordPress lists pages from oldest to newest (because
newer pages always get higher ID numbers). Lastly, you can choose “Page order,”
which lets you pick the order

Showing Pages in the Pages Widget

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