Showing Pages in a Menu

Most themes start out with a menu. In fact, menus are considered so important to
the average WordPress site that most themes don’t let you remove the menu.

When you create a new WordPress site, it starts out with an automatic menu, so
named because WordPress creates it automatically.

every time you add a new page, like the “About the Practice”
page shown earlier, WordPress adds a matching link in the menu. It keeps the links
ordered alphabetically by page name.

You can exert more control over how your theme arranges the page links in a menu,
in one of two ways: You can use the ordering and grouping features described next,
or you can create a custom menu.

The ordering and grouping approach
works best if you just want to adjust the position of a few commands in the automatic
menu but you’re happy letting WordPress run the show. By comparison, custom
menus take slightly more work but pay off with far more flexibility and extra features.

Showing Pages in a Menu

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