Writing Good Excerpts

The best thing about excerpts is that they don’t need to be
directly linked to the text in your post. But don’t abuse your
freedom—to write a good, genuinely useful excerpt, you need
to follow a few rules:
• Keep it brief. Usually, when a visitor searches your site,
WordPress finds several matching posts. By keeping
your excerpts short (around the 55-word mark, just like
WordPress does), you keep the search results short, which
makes them easier to read.
• Summarize the content of the page. The goal of an excerpt
is to give someone enough information to decide if she
wants to click a link to read the full post. An excerpt isn’t
a place to promote yourself or make flowery comments.
Instead, try to clearly and honestly describe what’s in
the post.
• Don’t repeat the post title. If you want to make sure every
word counts, don’t waste time repeating what’s clearly
visible in the title.

Writing Good Excerpts

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