Taming the Tag Cloud

What do I do if my tag cloud shows too many tags? Or not
enough? Or makes the text too big?
The Tag Cloud widget is surprisingly uncustomizable. If you use
fewer than 45 tags, it shows every one of them (although it
ignores any tags you added to the Posts→Tags list but haven’t
yet used in a post.) If you use more than 45 tags, the Tag Cloud
widget shows the 45 most popular.
Occasionally, people want a tag cloud with more tags. But
usually they have the opposite concern and want a smaller
tag cloud that’s slim enough to fit into a sidebar without
crowding out other widgets. If you want to tweak a tag cloud
on a WordPress.com site, you’re out of luck. But if you run a
self-hosted site, there are options. One solution is to crack open
your template files. That’s because the behind-the-scenes code
(the PHP function that creates the cloud) is actually very flexible.
It lets you set upper and lower tag limits, and set upper
and lower boundaries for the text size. You can get the full
details from WordPress’s function reference at http://tinyurl.
com/wptagcloud. (However, this information won’t be much
help until you learn how to dig into your WordPress theme files
to change your code, a topic explored in Chapter 13.) Another
solution is to search for a plug-in that lets you pick the tag
options and then generates a customized tag cloud. You’ll learn
how to find and install plug-ins in Chapter 9.

Taming the Tag Cloud

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