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The easiest way to make your site look good on mobile displays is to pick a theme
that reconfigures your content for mobile devices. All the year themes from Twenty
Eleven on do. When WordPress detects a visitor using a mobile device, the theme
automatically substitutes a different layout—one that’s both simpler and carefully
TIP You can search for themes that have built-in mobile support using the Feature Filter. Just find the Layout
section and turn on the Responsive Layout checkbox before you search.
If your theme doesn’t recognize mobile devices, all is not lost. If you have a selfhosted
WordPress site, you can use a mobile-aware plug-in. One is WPtouch
(, which identifies smartphones and other mobile devices, and
makes sure they get a simplified theme that better suits their capabilities (and looks
pretty slick, too). You haven’t yet learned how to use plug-ins, but you’ll consider
WPtouch when you do, on page 307

NOTE Even if your theme does recognize mobile devices, you may still opt for the expanded features of a
mobile plug-in. In the WordPress year themes, the mobile version looks nice but still makes some questionable
design decisions. For example, they retain your sidebar widgets in an unwieldy list after your post. Similarly, the
home page still includes the full content of each post, which creates a seemingly endless page. (Surely shortened
excerpts are more convenient, and easier on the ever-scrolling index finger.) If you want to customize the mobile
appearance of your self-hosted WordPress site, a plug-in like WPtouch is the perfect tool.

Mobile Themes输入日志标题

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