Learning to Use Featured Images with Your Theme

As the discussion in this chapter shows, different themes use
featured images in similar but subtly different ways. To get the
result you want, you need to make sure you’re using featured
images in the right way.
For example, you may need to flag featured-image posts with a
specific category name or tag name, or you may need to make
them sticky (page 104). Picture size is another important consideration.
Twenty Fourteen recommends that your featured
images be 672 pixels wide and 1038 pixels wide, which lets them
expand to their full size when displayed behind a post or in the
slider. Other themes have their own strict size requirements.
Violate them, and your pictures may be stretched, squashed,
or cropped to fit the theme.
Unfortunately, the dashboard doesn’t have a standard way
to make this information available. It’s up to you to review
the documentation for your theme. A good place to start is
by searching for your theme in WordPress’s theme library
(http://wordpress.org/themes for self-hosters or http://theme.
wordpress.com for WordPress.com users). You can then follow
the Theme Homepage link to find out what the developer has to
say about the theme, or click the Support tab to browse other
people’s questions and answers.

Learning to Use Featured Images with Your Theme

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