I Have Even More Widgets!

The list of widgets in Table 5-3 includes all those that a
self-hosted WordPress site starts with. But if your site is on
WordPress.com, you’ll find the Widgets page stocked with a
number of preinstalled extras, including widgets that let you
share posts with nifty web services like Facebook, Twitter,
Flickr, Goodreads, and Delicious. So what’s up?
The discrepancy reflects the way WordPress handles plug-ins.
If your site is on WordPress.com, you can’t install plug-ins, so
you’re limited to whatever Automattic offers in the Widgets
window. For that reason, the company tries extra hard to
include a broad set of useful widgets for everyone.
Self-hosted WordPress sites start out with fewer widgets, but
you can add more—in fact, as many as you want—through
plug-ins. You can start by adding all the WordPress.com
widgets to your site with the Jetpack plug-in (page 297)..
Finally, it’s worth noting that some themes come with their
own specialized widgets. Usually, you can recognize them by
the fact that the widget name starts with the theme name,
like Twenty Fourteen Ephemera (which is included with the
Twenty Fourteen theme).

I Have Even More Widgets!

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