Get More Space to Work

Need more space to write and review your content? You can
make the post box a bit bigger by tweaking WordPress’s settings.
Choose Settings→Writing, look for the “Size of the post
box” setting, and increase the number of lines (the standard is
20). Or you can expand the content box by clicking the bottomright
corner and dragging it down, as shown on page 126.
If you’re craving even more screen real estate, check out the
toolbar’s full-screen mode button (Figure 6-1). WordPress calls
this mode (and labels the button that triggers it) Distraction
Free Writing. Click it, and WordPress resizes the post title
and post content boxes to fill a larger portion of the page,
temporarily hiding the other parts of the Add New Post page,
including the toolbar and the dashboard menu. If you need a
toolbar button, move your mouse (without clicking) near the
top of the page to make the toolbar reappear. When you finish
writing, you can get back to the normal Add New Post page by
pointing to the top of the page to show the toolbar, and then
clicking “Exit fullscreen.”
Technically, WordPress’s full-screen view doesn’t occupy the
full screen—it’s more like full browser view. But you can go
beyond that limit by switching your browser to its full-screen
view. On most browsers, you do that by pressing F11 (press it
again to return the browser window to its normal state). With
your browser in full-screen mode, its window fills the entire
screen (sans toolbars), and WordPress can claim virtually all
of it to display your post.
There’s one quirk, however: No matter how big you make your
browser window, WordPress limits the width of the editing box,
for two reasons. First, it’s awkward to read and edit long lines
of text. Second, most WordPress templates limit the width of
posts to ensure readability. As a result, an unnaturally wide editing
window would give you a false sense of the post’s layout.

Get More Space to Work

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