Formatting Your Text

How can I adjust typefaces and font sizes?
WordPress’s post editor lets you structure your content (for
example, put it into lists and headings), add more content (like
pictures), and apply certain types of formatting (like boldface
and italics). However, there are plenty of formatting details
that aren’t under your control. The size and typeface of your
fonts is one of them.
This might seem like an awkward limitation, but it’s actually
a wise design decision on the part of the people who created
WordPress. If WordPress gave you free rein to change fonts, you
could easily end up with messy markup and posts that didn’t
match each other. Even worse, if you switch to a new theme,
you’re stuck with your old fonts, even though they might no
longer suit your new look.
Fortunately, there’s a more structured way to change the appearance
of your text. Once you’re certain you have the right
theme for your website, you can modify its styles. For example,
by changing the style rules, you can change the font, color,
and size of your text, and you can either make these changes
to all your content, or to just specific elements (like all level-3
headings inside a post).
Modifying styles is a great way to personalize a theme, and
you’ll learn how to do that in Chapter 13. However, there’s one
caveat—if you use to host your site, you need
to buy the Custom Design upgrade to edit your styles (page
457). Self-hosted WordPress sites don’t have this restriction.

Formatting Your Text

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