Making Your Shortlinks Even Smaller

If you have a self-hosted WordPress site, the shortlink
might not be as short as you want. It works great if you use
WordPress to run your entire site and you have a nice, short
domain name. But if you have a long domain name with your
WordPress content in a subfolder, you end up with a not-soshort
shortlink, like this:
It might occur to you to use the service to get an
even shorter web address, but unfortunately it’s limited to sites. However, there are other URL-shortening
services that will take your address and spit out a tinier
version. Popular shortener sites include (which
Twitter uses for automatic URL-shrinking),,
For example, if you plug your web address into, you get
a new one, like this:
Weighing in at a mere 20 characters, this address is even
shorter than the ones creates. If someone types that URL
into a browser, they’ll go first to the web server, which
will quickly redirect the browser to the original web address.
The end result is that your post appears almost immediately.
Using any of these URL-shortening services is easy. Just go to
the website, paste in your web address—either the permalink
or shortlink, it doesn’t matter—and then copy the new condensed


Making Your Shortlinks Even Smaller

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