Browsing Categories and Tags Using a Web Address

Earlier, you saw how the Categories widget lets you retrieve a list of posts for any
category. For example, click the Herbal Tea link and—presto!—you see the posts
about brewing your favorite dried leaves.
WordPress works this category-browsing magic using a specific form of web address.
If you understand it, then you can use category web addresses yourself, wherever
you need them. First, you start with the site address:
Then, you add /category/ to the end of the address, like this:
Finally, you add the bit that identifies the category you want to use. If you use the
default permalink style on a self-hosted site, you get awkward category web addresses
that incorporate the category ID:
But if you use pretty permalinks, life is much better. Then, instead of embedding
the category ID, category web addresses use the much more readable category
slug, like this:
WordPress cooks up the slug based on your category name, using the same process
it follows to pick the slug for a new post. First, WordPress replaces every uppercase
letter with a lowercase one. Next, it replaces spaces with hyphens (-). Lastly, it strips
out forbidden special characters, if you used them. As a result, the category Herbal
Tea gets the slug herbal-tea.
Remember, you can modify the slug for every category using the Categories page
(page 113). For example, you can shorten the address shown above by replacing
herbal-tea with the simpler slug herbal.
Tags work the same way as categories, except the /category/ portion of the web
address becomes /tag/. So, to browse the posts that use a specific tag, you need
an address like this:
You can tweak tag slugs in the Tags page. However, it’s far less common to tailor
tag slugs than it is to edit post and category slugs.

Browsing Categories and Tags Using a Web Address

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