Using plugins to make caching easier

We recommend these two plugins, which provide you with the best and easiest
ways to make sure that your WordPress site has a caching system in place:
✦ W3 Total Cache: Install this plugin to easily optimize your Web site
and user experience with page, browser, database, and object caching.
W3 Total Cache also includes features like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
minify, as well as CDN configurations to improve your Web site’s speed
and performance (
✦ WP Super Cache: This plugin generates static HTML files from your
dynamic WordPress blog posts and pages. The static HTML files are
then served to your Web site visitors instead of the dynamically generated
PHP files, without affecting the look or function of your site. This
reduces the load on your server and increases the speed of your Web
site. Unlike the W3 Total Cache plugin, WP Super Cache ( doesn’t
have minify or CDN configurations.

Using plugins to make caching easier

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